I Fell on my Face – Broken by the Seas – Ezekiel Chapter 27

A few years ago, I did a detailed study in the book of Ezekiel. I’m going to be posting the prophetic insights from each chapter over the next little bit. If you want the full teaching, it’s available on my YouTube channel (link below):
👉🏼 Tyre was exalted with pride and forgot her Creator. Are we fully dependent on God?
1. The number 21 – is representative of wickedness, rebellion and sin.
In Ezekiel 27, the word ‘merchant’ or ‘merchandise’ was mentioned 21 times. This appeared significant to me when studying this text. I believe, in this chapter, the number 21 is representative of wickedness, rebellion and sin. These were all evident in the city of Tyre spoken of in Ezekiel 27.
Tyre was wicked in the way it was trading in human life at the expense of its own greed. They were rebellious against their Creator. They did not acknowledge God. Obviously, in this environment, sin was rife in the city. Sin abounds when we are outside of the grace of God. If we receive his grace, it is superabundant towards us when we repent of our sins.
2. The east wind.
In Ezekiel 27, the east wind is spoken of as a means of judgement coming against the city of Tyre. This east wind would “break the ships of Tarshish”. The Lord has been highlighting the east wind for some time now along with “looking to the east”. While I believe it is representative of judgement, it’s important to note it also brings deliverance and vindication. (Think of the east wind that parted the Red Sea in Exodus 14). Even though judgement is sweeping our nations at present, it is always in favour of the righteous remnant. It is not something to be feared for those hidden in Christ.
As the east wind blows over the sin, the wickedness and the rebellion we see in this world, let’s not get distracted by it. Judgement is FOR us in Christ so let’s lift our eyes and look to the east. That is where our redemption is coming from in this season.
3. Only Jesus can heal our brokenness.
Tyre was broken by the seas in the text. In this life, we know we are often broken by our circumstances. Here’s the promise: Jesus is the only one that can heal our brokenness. All he’s waiting for is a surrendered heart. It’s in the place of surrender where he brings deep healing. Some of this healing is immediate and miraculous. Most healing, however, is a journey we walk with the Lord. No matter which way healing happens, we need to be dependent on God. When the seas of life try to break us, we need to lay down our carnal weapons and lean back into God. It’s OK to be broken and weak. It isn’t until we recognise our brokenness that we can surrender it to Jesus and receive his healing touch. Only then will we NOT be broken by the seas of life. We will have HIS strength working in our weakness.
Is our dependence on God?

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