A Street Called Straight ~ Reflections from Acts

I love Saul’s conversion story told in Acts 9. Talk about a radical 180! An encounter with Jesus is bound to change you forever. What I’d like to reflect on today is Saul being sent to a street called “Straight” to find Ananias so he could be healed from his blindness. ⠀

This street was called Straight because it was literally the straightest street in Damascus. It still exists today. In the Aramaic text, it could also be called “Fat Street”. This speaks to me of the abundance found on the straight and narrow way. ⠀

I’ve been sensing such a heaviness lately from the weight of people’s opinions–particularly opinions on politics and culture. Can I gently remind us all our opinions do not matter? The truth of God and righteousness are the only thing we ought to set our hearts and minds on. Everything else can just float on by. Just like Saul/Paul, we need to be “knocked off our high horse” of pride and humble ourselves to the Truth–Jesus Christ. When we do the scales of deception will fall from our eyes and we will truly see Him. He is all that matters. ⠀

Lord, convict us of our pride and open our eyes to truly see You. Let each of us know YOU are the reward and no other. Lead us to the street called Straight…⠀

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