Rise up Riders of the Royal Regiment of the Ruach ~ Prophetic Word – Josee Scott

I see an army arising, unlike any army that has ever been gathered and despatched before.  It is an army that is able to operate in and out of time and a new war cry will soon be on your lips.  A new sound has been released and it is gaining momentum.  It is a sound unlike any other, and it is fast and able to penetrate through anything in time and space.  It will not be hindered by time, for like God, this new sound is outside of time itself.  It’s a sound that is unique to each one for it flows out of the intimacy you have with the Lord of Hosts.

This army looks like…

I see this army astride an assortment of transport.  Some are seated on horses, some on vehicles with wheels, some on winged transportation and some are able to travel without any sort of carriage whatsoever, but able to move through time and space, freely at will.

Each one is dressed in their own unique battle regalia because this is an army that celebrates and honours the uniqueness of each one’s individual call, and so as the flowers of the field, the Lord has dressed you in the finest garments.  They serve to protect as the armour of old, but it’s light and glorious, and unlike any armour that has ever been worn before.

There are weapons and instruments, and both are equal in their effectiveness to destroy the works of the enemy and to bring healing and restoration where destruction has left its ugly scars across the nations and in the hearts of those who have been wounded by the hordes of hell.

And I see such unity of spirit in this army for it a one that has been forged out of a shared journey.  Each one knows a measure of loss, loneliness, struggle, striving, pain, sorrow, maybe sickness, a sense of failure, or rejection. Some have experienced abandonment or abuse, even torture or death itself. And yet, you have stood firm, you’ve chosen to stay the distance and run the race, to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, to take up your cross at whatever the cost. Some have also known beauty, fellowship, love, healing, wholeness, acceptance, belonging, life to the full, joy, peace, hope and faith. You know God. You’ve tasted the sweetness of His character and know the exquisite intimacy of relationship with Father, Son and Holy Ghost. You trust Him with all your heart and soul, and He trusts you – He calls you friend, He calls you sons and daughters, He calls you beloved, He calls you precious child.

You know who you are in Him, the great I AM who was and is and will be forevermore.  In whom you dwell and who dwells in you.  He has laid up for you treasures in Heaven and invites you to sit with Him in heavenly places and begin to activate your Kingdom assignment in the place where He has called you.

Will you Rise up? Will you Ride?

And so you stand on the precipice of joining this mighty army.

Will you step into this final transformation chamber and become fully equipped to ride in the Royal Regiment?

Will you find your voice and begin to raise the battle cry?

Will you take off the old garments and let the King of Glory wrap you in new mantles?

Will you throw down your old weapons and take up the new?

Will you stride forth into your arenas and bring Heaven down?

Will you allow the Lord to fight for you, to prepare the way, to let the armies of the Lord of Hosts route out the enemy?

Will you partner with Jesus and let Him show you how to pray and decree His will over the nations?

Will you Rise up?  Will you Ride?

Will you contend for the lost, the broken and sick and dying?

Will you take territory and go to places that are dark and desolate and dangerous?

Will you topple the mountains and structures as your faith rises, your voices cry out across the land and you wield your weapons to bring down powers and principalities that have had their way for too long?

Will you Rise up?  Will you Ride?

Will you travel back in time and call forth the inheritance and legacy that has been hidden and left untouched for generations?

Will you claim the treasures of the darkness and use it for the Kingdom?

Will you lead those who follow wisely with a servant heart of honour?

Will you steward well and love deeply?

Will you Rise up?  Will you Ride?

And will you listen and obey says the Lord?

Will you let Him fill you with the wisdom and understanding and strategy you need for every situation and for every moment of every day?

Will you learn to rest in Him more than ever before and let Him love you more than you can imagine is possible?

Will you leave all your old ideas and ways behind, will you come and drink from this new wine, this freshwater, and feast from this table of delectable delights?  Will you refresh yourself in pastures green after each battle, and will you teach those who come after you, the secrets that He has shared with you?

I hear the Lord say that new anointings with your names are being released.  So as we previously saw the rise of the Josephs, the Deborahs, the Davids, the Joshuas, now in this season, just as Jabez came out of obscurity and enlarged his territory with a simple request, so the Lord is saying I am raising up the ordinary, the despised, those seen as foolish, the ‘not famous’ ones.  As you operate in the name of Jesus, and in His identity, you will begin to see cosmic shifts because of who YOU are in HIM.

Jesus came to earth as a human not to show us how to live as humans, but to show us that as humans, we can live like gods and allow our spirits to walk in the divine nature of Jesus Christ in us, and through Him, the author and finisher of our faith, whose Kingdom will come, and whose will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

He has given us the weapons to wield:- swords, spears, pens, flags, brushes, musical instruments, songs, inventions, wealth, healing, and here in Australia, the fire sticks that set this great Southern land (Australia) of the Spirit ablaze with revival fires.  Above all, He has given us love for He is Love itself.  And without love, nothing that we do has any true value…it is just empty noise.

So Rise up, Riders of the Royal Regiment of the Ruach, ride and let your battle Roar pierce through the darkness and let the Kingdom come, let His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…

Rise up and ride for Jesus!  Ride for FREEDOM!

(Give a mighty ROAR)

Josee Scott

Daughter of the King, Redemptive Script Writer

Former Managing Director at Freedom Unlimited Enterprises, Former Session Worker at Scottish Prison Service, Formerly of Glasgow Prophetic Centre

Now in Brisbane Australia with a mandate for this Great Southland of the Holy Spirit

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