Fight for Your Intimacy ~ Prophetic Insight

I had a dream this morning in which I was having to fight for intimacy. The symbolism the Lord used to speak to me was that of my husband. Husbands in dreams can often represent Christ and so I have a two-fold interpretation of this dream.

In my dream, the majority of things trying to “steal my intimacy” were legitimate concerns of people and sometimes even great needs. However, it was clear in the dream they were an unhealthy distraction. We must keep the main thing the MAIN thing. Never surrender your intimacy with God to satisfy the needs of another, no matter how legitimate and pressing they may be.

I have discerned an attack on intimacy with God and also with our spouses (for those of us who have one) in this season. Beloved, I cannot say this clearly enough, your intimacy with GOD is vital for you to endure the days ahead. We MUST be hidden in Him. He is our hiding place.

The Lord highlighted the following ‘covert’ distractions the enemy has fashioned to pull you out of intimacy.

Boundaries are necessary

1. ‘Meddlers’ – I have seen people the enemy has assigned to your life to meddle in your affairs and not respect your boundaries. For many of you, these are family, in-laws and just generally toxic people. You can love these people from a distance. Boundaries are both loving and helpful.

Sigh no more…

2. ‘Mourning’ – wow, this is a hard one to write. Help me Holy Spirit. Many of you have suffered a loss this year–significant loss. πŸ˜₯πŸ’” The grief you are experiencing over a lost job, income, friend, family member and even the death of a loved one has invited a spirit of death over your ministry. For many of you, your ministry is your family. In fact, the family is our FIRST ministry. There have been attacks on intimacy within marriages too. It’s time to break our agreement with grief and mourning and ask the Lord to anchor us in our grief so it does not rob us of intimacy with Him. It’s 100% okay to FEEL what you are feeling, but don’t carry what you were never designed to carry. Give it to Him. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ•ŠοΈ

Shake off false responsibility

3. ‘False responsibility’ – many are weighed down with the burdens of others. This is 100% understandable given the state of our world right now. Thanks, #covid_19 πŸ™„. But I hear the Spirit of Grace encourage us not to ‘carry’ the burdens of others. We are NOT the Saviour. Seeing the need across the globe right now is heartrending and can be overwhelming if we don’t know to take it to God FIRST. The burden of ‘false responsibility’ has caused many to ‘dampen’ their hearts to receive from God. Are you feeling foggy in your head right now? It’s no accident! Break your agreement with false responsibility in the Name of Jesus.

No pity party for one!

4. ‘Self-pity’ – OUCH! We’ve all been caught here one time or another, however, I believe self-pity is a massive distraction at present and really robs us of our reliance on God. Intimacy with Him will bring joy, peace and hope no matter how tough the season is. Break your agreement with self-pity in the Name of Jesus!

This has not been an easy word to deliver and I pray you receive it knowing my heart is to see you living in supernatural freedom and walking in your destiny. Don’t let the enemy rob you of your intimacy with Him right now. It is SO precious…

Please let me know if you have felt something ‘lift’ as you have worked through these areas with the Lord? I’d love to celebrate your breakthrough with you.

In Christ,

Naomi Byers

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