Hallmarks of a Christian Leader ~ Reflections from Acts

In Acts 20, Paul addresses the believers in Ephesus. His speech demonstrates the hallmarks of a Christian leader. Leaders in the Body of Christ need to display these seven qualities. ⠀


First, true Christian leaders lead with humility…“serving the Lord with all humility, with many tears and trials which happened to me by the plotting of the Jews” (Acts 20:19 NKJV). After all, he who wants to be the greatest in the kingdom must be the servant of all (Mark 10:43).⠀

Preach Repentance

Second, the message of repentance is foundational to their teaching. If they are not preaching repentance, it is a watered-down, social gospel. Repentance opens the door to the blessings of God. We cannot bypass the process and expect to receive from God. A good leader will remind us to repent (Acts 20:21). ⠀

Led by the Spirit

Third, they are led by the Spirit as a true son or daughter of God (Rom. 8:14). ⠀
Paul did not know what awaited him in Jerusalem but he was led by the Spirit in all of his journeying. True leaders are led by the Spirit no matter where He leads. (Acts 20:22a ESV)⠀

Laid-down Lives

Fourth, a true leader lays down their life. As a 5-fold minister, your life is a gift. In Christ, we are called to lay down our lives. Leaders live this example for their people. (Acts 20:24 ESV)⠀

Give Warnings

Fifth, leaders warn. This is a weighty responsibility. No one wants to give warnings but they should be given by 5-fold leaders (not necessarily the laity). A warning must always be given in the fear of God and with the leading of the Holy Spirit. The aim is to bring about action and surrender to God…not fear. (Acts 20:28a NASB)⠀

Bless the People

Sixth, a leader should bless the people every time they meet. (Acts 20:32 ESV)⠀

Give More Than Receive

Finally, good leaders give much more than they receive. They are not looking to ‘fleece the flock’. I have warned you before, NEVER pay for a prophetic word. It is wickedness for a leader to require payment. Pay your tithes to your local church. Give as the Lord leads. Sow into kingdom initiatives but do not be coerced into payment. Good leaders are focused on giving NOT receiving (Acts 20:35).⠀

Are you a 5-fold leader or is there one you would like to honour today? Let us know in the comments below…👇🏼⠀

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