I Fell on my Face – I Will Remember – Ezekiel Chapter 16b

A few years ago, I did a detailed study in the book of Ezekiel. I’m going to be posting the prophetic insights from each chapter over the next little bit. If you want the full teaching, it’s available on my YouTube channel (link in the comments).
👉🏼 Do we trust the faithfulness of God?
1. Does the conduct of the church today shock the world?
This is twofold. We SHOULD be shocking the world with a demonstration of the goodness of God along with his power and authority on display. We should also look different and be separate.
Instead, does some of our behaviour in the lukewarm and progressive church shock the world? Are we now participating in and condoning something the every day, unsaved person would say, “I don’t see how that is Christian”?
We want to shock the world in a good way. Not in a manner that compromises the message of the gospel.
2. Cling to the faithfulness of God not our own.
It cannot be understated how difficult this season of judgement is. In the midst of this, we must cling to the faithfulness of God and not our own faithfulness.
“If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.”
‭2 Timothy 2:13 NKJV‬
Does that not lift your heart in these difficult times? We can be faithless but he remains faithful no matter what. He cannot be anything else. It is who he is.
3. Replacement theology is abhorrent.
This is a strong statement but I stand behind it because I believe replacement theology to be abhorrent to God. Romans 9 to 11 are very clear on the Lord’s future plans for the nation of Israel and its restoration. In terms of eschatology, I’m by no means an expert. (Quite the opposite actually 🙃). I’ll say this though, I don’t believe Christ can return until the majority of Israel is saved–until she receives her Messiah. (This was originally posted in November of 2021 when I was calling for prayers for Israel. How much more pertinent in light of recent events?) We must pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Israel was always called to be the light to the nations. Because the majority of Israel has rejected her Messiah, he can’t return to establish his reign just yet. Israel must be saved.
Any theology that now says the church has replaced Israel in God’s sight and has a separate covenant with the one he made with Israel has lost its way. We need to be better students of scripture. The church must understand we are grafted IN to the Vine. We are not separate from God’s redemptive plans for Israel and the nations. We become children of Abraham grafted in by faith in Christ.
If you’ve come into agreement with replacement theology, I would urge you to seek the Lord on the matter. God has not forgotten Israel. Neither should we.
Will we remember the faithfulness of God?

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