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Romans 14 discusses the importance of not allowing differing opinions to divide the Body of Christ. It seems these days people are hypersensitive and easily offended. This is especially of concern with the church. We do not have the right to stay offended by each other. It breaks unity. Let us look at why we need to be careful with our opinions and not let them divide us.⠀

Conviction vs opinion

First, convictions and opinions are not the same things. Convictions go to the core of who we are and are not really shifted by circumstances in life. Opinions, however, tend to sway with the breeze and change based on our context and personal experiences. For this reason, we should hold them very loosely. They are not a hill worth dying on. ⠀

“As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions.”

Romans 14:1 ESV⠀⠀⠀

Do not be a stumbling block

Second, no matter what your opinion (or even conviction) is on a matter, do not allow it to be a stumbling block for a weaker brother or sister in Christ. The context of Romans 14 was concerning dietary laws and meat sacrificed to idols. Paul’s conviction is that all of it is good and clean in the Lord’s eyes when taken with thanksgiving, but that he should not be doing anything to a weaker brother (or sister) to cause them to stumble in their faith. If they eat only vegetables, so be it. Don’t serve them meat or eat it in front of them. Today, I think we need to be wise with sharing our political, cultural and theological positions with weaker brethren. Getting into arguments over these matters is futile and foolish. We need to do better Church⠀⠀

“So stop being critical and condemning of other believers, but instead determine to never deliberately cause a brother or sister to stumble and fall because of your actions.”

Romans 14:13 TPT⠀⠀

Pursue peace

Finally, it should be our aim to pursue peace with one another above all. This does not mean we are not allowed to disagree. Disagreement and debate are healthy. Strife, division and arguments are not. Peace is our portion. Let us not surrender it by getting caught up in fruitless quarrels over things we do not have all the answers to. Humility is key…⠀⠀⠀

“So then, make it your top priority to live a life of peace with harmony in your relationships, eagerly seeking to strengthen and encourage one another.”

Romans 14:19 TPT⠀⠀

Do you find it hard to express an opinion in a helpful way? We’ve all struggled with this. Tell us what you think…⠀⠀

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